Unlock new markets, sell compliantly, and own your customer relationships with Bemakers - the trusted partner for ambitious alcohol brands looking for a hassle-free way to expand their business beyond borders.

“Today, it’s relatively easy to sell goods online and ship them around the countries here in Europe. But when you talk about excise-taxable goods, like alcohol, then suddenly it’s much more challenging.

The complexity hinders the potential of makers to gain our share of the growth in the B2C space.”

Henrik Brinks,
Trusted by bold brands with big ambitions
Speed up your craft beverage sales with smart logistics

“We have streamlined the process of managing our international sales, our webshop, and export operations.

With Bemakers, we can confidently manage our sales and shipments for exporting products to various European countries.”

Market access by bemakers
Expand into new international markets
Bemakers provides a seamless solution for reaching and engaging international customers, expanding your brand and boosting sales across 5 European countries (with more to come).

With Bemakers you can open your own web shop in multiple markets, manage B2B orders with restaurants and bars, and control how you communicate with your customers - using campaigns, offers, and more.
Fulfillment by bemakers
Speed up sales with smart logistics
Getting your products where they need to be is smooth and easy with Bemakers. Log into our innovative platform and leverage the power of automation to navigate the intricacies of EMCS, taxes, customs, and shipping.

Our strategically located warehouses offer storage and pick & pack processes, ensuring swift, secure, and compliant fulfillment of B2B and B2C orders from your customers around the globe.
Take your craft beverage brand to new heights
Speed up your craft beverage sales with smart logistics
Growth by bemakers
Build impactful customer experiences
Expanding into new markets is just the beginning of the journey; maintaining control of your brand narrative and customer relationships is vital for sustained growth.

Leverage our in-market expertise and extensive network to craft a customized distribution strategy that resonates with your target audience. Take back the control of your brand story!
behind the makers
Discover how Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin amplified their global reach with Bemakers
We love to support exciting, innovative brands and Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin ticks that box! Together, we have successfully introduced their unique cherry wine to a broader audience, enabling customers worldwide to easily acquire their exceptional product.

Join CEO Harald and Sales Manager Inge as they share their experience with Bemakers and explain why it's the perfect solution for alcohol brands seeking to expand their global footprint.
The Platform

One unified solution for streamlined sales, managing webshops, and global exports

Track & Trace all your international orders

Automated excise duty, VAT and customs management

Manage incoming and outgoing orders on any device

Full control of your brand, products, pricing and customers

Dedicated international webshop with no competition for attention

Customizable webshop to run direct campaigns in different markets

See all financial data and understand when and how you get paid

A world class support team here to support you every step of the way

Join the 100+ leading brands already partnering with Bemakers