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Unlock unparalleled B2B opportunities with a single click. Bemakers empowers your brand to build a loyal B2B community, streamlining customer interactions, and tapping into new revenue streams—all within a comprehensive, one-stop solution.

Bemakers enables you to to connect with a diverse range of European businesses, from boutique restaurants to hospitality giants, simplifying your operations and opening up new sales channels.

Compliant European sales via your own B2B webshop.

Easy integration with existing B2B platforms such as Faire & Ankorstore.

Access to Bemakers Trade, a curated community of potential B2B buyers.

Our b2b Solution

We've got all your B2B needs covered.

Our goal is to streamline your operations and eliminate complexity, leaving you time to concentrate on forging lucrative relationships and closing impactful deals. Our B2B solution is specifically engineered for the intricacies of the alcohol industry, offering features like automated invoice reminders and easy shipping options, freeing you from logistical headaches. Plus, with the power of dedicated B2B webshops and integration into major B2B marketplaces, growth has never felt so effortless.

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How it works

7 steps for B2B Success

Bemakers simplifies the process of connecting with retailers, bars, and speciality stores. We handle the operational aspects of your business, so you can focus on building your brand, communicating with clients and reaching your revenue goals.

You activate the country in the e-commerce solution (

The customer in France buys the products online through the e-commerce webshop. We send the warehouse all Relevant documents: a) EAD b) Shipping label c) Invoice

The warehouse prepares the parcel and labels it with the documents we have sent them.

The order is being picked up by the carrier.

The order arrives at the customer.

Bemakers report and pay the excise duty to the local authorities.

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