Access by Bemakers

Expand into Europe and skyrocket sales.

Bemakers is your gateway to direct, seamless B2B, B2C, and distributor sales across Europe. Fuel growth and elevate your brand's reach with our exclusive Market Access features.

Access customers across 7 European markets instantly.

Manage all of your orders in one streamlined platform.

Enjoy hassle-free selling, all compliance is handled for you.

How it works

Expanding Your Market Reach

7 european markets & growing

The Access module is the backbone of Bemakers, enabling you to reach millions of customers across Europe. We’re an established distributor in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Austria and ever-expanding markets. Keep up to date with our available markets here.

Compliance and Automation

We automate the handling of EMCS, customs, taxes, fees and shipping. So you save time and ensure every sale complies with local market regulations. For packaging and recycling compliance, we register your products with the relevant recycling authorities and manage the associated fees.

In addition, our e-commerce templates comply with country-specific legislation for the direct sale of alcohol and provide you with guidance on labelling requirements for new markets.

Are you ready to step into Europe and grow your market reach?

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