Distributor Sales by Bemakers


Bemakers gives you the flexibility to grow your alcohol beverage brand your way, by maintaining relationships with European distributors while independently exploring new markets.

You don’t have to sacrifice existing relationships to enjoy new direct opportunities. We provide a unified platform for managing distributor relationships across Europe as well as facilitating direct-to-consumer sales.

Optimize your distributor relationships while unlocking new revenue streams

Automate order processing, tax compliance, and delivery logistics

Strengthen your brand presence across multiple European markets


Control your brand's journey into Europe.

Maintain your established distributor partnerships while actively growing your brand in key markets. Our platform ensures a uniform process for all export orders, whether they're distributor-based, direct-to-business or direct-to-consumer. This efficient handling enables you to be active in multiple markets at once, establishing a stronger brand presence and driving sales across Europe.

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How it works

5 Steps To Streamlined Sales

We simplify your growth journey and provide you with the flexibility to do things your way. By leveraging our technology and expertise, you can expand into new markets all while maintaining existing relationships. Here's how we do it.

Receive a distributor or direct-to-consumer order.

Process it through the Bemakers platform.

We manage excise documents, VAT, recycling fees, and payments.

We handle shipping logistics and follow up with distributors for order confirmation.

Regular payment reminders ensure prompt settlements.

Are you looking to empower your alcohol brand's European expansion with a dual approach?

Discover the benefits of combining distributor sales with direct-to-consumer strategies through the Bemakers platform.