Sell to the Monopolies, with Bemakers

Sell your products across the Scandinavian Monopolies without breaking a sweat.

Bemakers eliminate the complexities, reduce the costs, and streamline the process of entering the Nordic monopolies. We equip you with the right tools and expert knowledge to make your brand a Scandinavian success.

Selling your alcohol beverage brand in the Scandinavian monopolies shouldn’t cause you a headache! As a supplier to Systembolaget in Sweden and soon the Vinmonopolet in Norway, we are equipped to handle all the complexities of these unique markets for you.

Proactive tender alerts and managed submission.

Approved storage and seamless pick n' pack service.

Streamlined administrative process.


Unlock Easy Access to Scandinavian Monopolies.

Bemakers is your partner in expanding your brand into the Scandinavian monopolies. Our proactive tender alerts are tailored to match your brand's profile, ensuring you don't miss a valuable opportunity. And when you're ready to seize it, we support you throughout the entire tender process. With local warehouse facilities, we manage storage and pack your orders while handling all administrative, financial, and tax-related settlements. This means it’s 'business as usual' for you, just with a new, lucrative revenue stream.

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How it works

5 Steps to Scandinavian Sales

Breaking into the Scandinavian market might seem complex, but with our support, it's a seamless journey. We demystify the monopolies, guiding you through every step to ensure your brand not only enters but thrives in this unique landscape. Here's our proven approach.

Express your interest in the monopoly markets and we monitor for relevant tenders.

We facilitate the dialogue, ensuring you meet tender requirements and take care of the submission.

Should a tender be successful, we handle all the necessary actions to get your products into the warehouse and into the stores.

We take care of ongoing dialogue, and settlements, and ensure all requirements and deadlines towards the monopoly are kept.

You receive insights, performance data, and a new revenue stream with minimal additional work.

Ready to conquer the Scandinavian Alcohol Monopolies?

With Bemakers, navigating the monopolies in Sweden and Norway is now simpler than ever. Join us and see how your brand can flourish in these dynamic markets.