Who is Bemakers?
Bemakers is an experienced team dedicated to helping beverage brands distribute directly to international customers while staying in control.

On the surface, it’s simple. But behind the scenes, we’re handling all of the complexities that make international export a challenge. This means you can log in and confidently manage your sales and shipments for exporting your fantastic products across Europe...no hassle, no headaches!
What we live by
When you succeed, we succeed
We believe in partnerships
We don’t have customers, we have partners. We’re committed to supporting your brand growth, getting your products into the glasses of more people and nurturing (your) customer relationships. We’re the helping hand you’ve been missing.
We’re digital first
We are digital first, powered by automation, ensuring seamless compliance with local regulations for EMCS, tax, shipping, and customs payments.

In line with our digital-first approach, we are advancing sales strategies, championing the future of e-commerce, and empowering brands to seize control of their sales channels. Our commitment lies in forging innovative pathways to success in the ever-changing landscape of commerce.
We’re changing the distribution model
For too long, brand owners have had too little control. By putting the distribution power in the hands of the people doing the work (you), we provide you with full control over sales channels, customer data, and marketing activities. Move your brand forward, your way.
We’re here for the long run
We're dedicated to long-term partnerships, prioritizing robust infrastructure and efficiency. Our commitment is to ensure stability and longevity while embracing innovation and flexibility. We adapt proactively to changing circumstances, striving for seamless adjustments as the world evolves, with less disruptions.
about the team
The people behind the bar

Bemakers, founded in Copenhagen, is a diverse team of skilled craftsmen, beverage artisans, engineers, designers, and marketing enthusiasts united by our passion for making a difference in the beverage industry. We bring an international mindset to our work, driven by curiosity, dedication, and the privilege of empowering numerous outstanding beverage brands daily.
a much needed solution
By makers. for makers.
“Founding Bemakers was a natural progression from my experiences with Andersen Winery. Witnessing firsthand the challenges of exporting and distributing our products internationally, I recognized a need for a solution. Bemakers was born from a desire to empower not just Andersen Winery, but countless other beverage brands facing similar hurdles, ensuring they have the tools and support to succeed in the global market.” Morten R. Stengaard
Co-founder & CEO, Bemakers