Listings by Bemakers


Our listings module allows you to effortlessly distribute your products across 3rd party platforms, marketplaces, and monopolies to access new customers instantly.

We handle VAT and excise, you focus on selling.

List and distribute your products across multiple marketplaces.

Enhance your brand awareness and credibility across leading platforms.

How it works

making your european expansion easy!

Taking your brand to new heights should be as hassle-free as possible!

1. Create your product once in Bemakers and select the marketplaces that align with your expansion plans.

2. Distribute your products on marketplaces such as Amazon, Systembolaget, Bemakers Trade, Faire, and Ankorstore.

3. Manage all your operations centrally; from order management, shipping, and reporting to customer insights and transactions.

activate new, proven revenue streams

Creating your product once in Bemakers allows you to distribute it on the marketplaces that support your growth ambitions. Whether via B2C Marketplaces like Amazon, B2B Marketplaces like Bemakers Trade, Faire, and Ankorstore or Monopoly systems such as Systembolaget, get your products in front of the right audience.

optimize your operations

Keeping track of various marketplaces, interfaces, and order flows can be a challenging task. Bemakers simplifies this process by integrating with external marketplaces, creating a centralized location for all your orders and transactions. We take care of all operational tasks related to sales and ensure that all excise and VAT reporting is managed on your behalf.

stay in control as your grow

Bemakers Listings offers transparency, customer insights, and price and campaign control across all markets and channels so you’ll always be in control of your customer journey.

Are you ready to expand your brand’s reach?

Speak with our dedicated sales team to find out how to unlock instant access to new customers across leading platforms.

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