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Bemakers Trade is a sales channel where you as a brand owner can list and market your products to European On & Off Trade customers.
We focus on connecting with the local Trade community, building awareness of our beverage wholesale platform, and promoting the listed range of brands.
Bemakers Trade is currently live in three markets, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany, selling into bars, restaurants, hotels, specialty stores, and retail stores.  
how it works
we understand the demand and match it with the right brands.
When you join Bemakers Trade you get access to our Trade toolbox:
Online Availability
Your products list on where approved B2B buyers can log-in and explore the range, see wholesale prices, and enjoy the benefits of selected offers.
Trade Ambassadors
Our dedicated Trade Ambassadors operate in each of the Trade markets. They focus on building close relations to the buyers and influencers on the local Trade scene, matching their needs with the relevant products available on Bemakers Trade.
Marketing campaigns
We run in-market on / offline awareness and nurturing efforts including events, biweekly newsletter updates, monthly webinars, and exposure through Bemakers' social channels.
Our promise
We support building brands, bottom-up, and we are a loyal champion of the individual brands’ go to market strategy. This includes consistent, fair prices that are aligned across channels, including your listing on Bemakers Trade. We will always spar with you on your pricing, but it is ultimately your call.
“It’s a partnership between us and Bemakers, and the Trade distribution platform is all-encompassing: it provides us with an online outlet where we get exposure to multiple potential trade customers, it nurtures local demand so that we have an ‘always on’ presence, which our own brand ambassador and in-market activation efforts amplify.

And the best part is I get to control my pricing, positioning and I know my Trade customers.”
Gary Flynn,
Outwalker Whisky
why trade customers choose bemakers trade
Same, same, but different.
The On and Off trade buyers find Bemakers Trade a refreshing take on the established trade distribution channel.  In short, we are here to provide reliable service, inspiring and available range, fast delivery, and the best customer experience across our online platform and our personal service
Trade customers can order when and how they prefer. Log-in to their personalized account or reach out to the Trade team – up to them and what works for their business.   

Trade customers are not locked down when buying from Bemakers Trade, they can have multiple suppliers if that is what works for their business. 

This is a people business and we emphasize always being reachable, as well as enabling Trade customers to have direct dialogue with the brand owners.  

We stick to our deadlines – and if there are delays, we flag it. And the prices are fair and consistent, and not diluted by unclear discounts and campaigns.  
clarifying questions
perhaps you are curious...
What’s the Trade Commission Structure?

A Bemakers Trade order is considered a standard B2B order, where you pay the commissions as per your Bemakers agreement. You can see your Plan in your Bemakers Account and check our Pricing Plan overview here.

Does Bemakers Trade Ambassadors represent my brand?

No, they are not your dedicated brand ambassador.  Bemakers Trade Ambassadors are focused on building awareness of Bemakers trade and the available range, as well as building and nurturing relations to the buyers.

When and how do I get paid?

A Bemakers Trade order appears in your monthly statement as a B2B order and is part of the monthly settlement.

How do you set the wholesale prices?

You set the wholesale and retail prices. We will always provide our input on relevant price points in each market, but it is ultimately your decision.

Do I know who my Trade customers are?

Yes, for each order you can see who the end-customer was. You can see which products they bought from you, only.

Are you ready to expand your brand’s reach?

Whether you're an emerging brand or a well established one, Bemakers Trade is here to help you showcase your products and connect with Trade buyers today.
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