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Take your direct-to-consumer sales to new heights with Bemakers. Whether you're integrating with an existing Shopify setup or launching a bespoke webshop, our platform offers compliant, hassle-free transactions.

With Bemakers, reach new online consumers without the usual e-commerce hurdles. With flexible options for building a direct path to purchase, we’ll help get your products into the hands of consumers across Europe.

Benefit from the supported development of your own D2C webshop.

Ensure full compliance with international excise, VAT, and recycling regulations.

Maintain total control over your pricing, marketing, and market access.

Offer a seamless online customer journey, fostering loyalty and repeat purchases.

Our e-commerce Solution

Your partner for compliant cross-border sales

Customers expect to be able to access their favorite products in just a few clicks. With Bemakers, you can bring your omnichannel strategy to life, adapting to market demands with agility. Our solution is specifically created for the alcohol industry and its unique requirements, allowing you to meet your customers' needs while adhering to varying country-specific regulations. With the option to integrate your Shopify store with Bemakers, expansion across markets has never been more straightforward.

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How it works

6 Steps for e-commerce Success

Using our platform, you can activate your Bemakers-supported webshop in your desired European markets - one country at a time or all at once. You manage the product images, descriptions, prices, campaigns, and orders, and we handle the rest. From warehousing to payment provider integration and shipping coordination, we've got you covered. We even report and pay the excise duty to local authorities, keeping your operations compliant and smooth.

You activate the country in the e-commerce solution (app.bemakers.com).

The customer in France buys the products online through the e-commerce webshop. We send the warehouse all relevant documents.

The warehouse prepares the parcel and labels it with the documents we have sent them.

The order is being picked up by the carrier.

The order arrives at the customer.

Bemakers report and pay excise duties, VAT, customs, packaging fees and recycling fees to the local authorities, when appropriate.

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