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Bemakers Simplifies D2C eCommerce for Alcohol Brands Entering the French Market

March 16, 2023
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COPENHAGEN Denmark - Bemakers, the trusted distribution partner for ambitious alcohol brands, has expanded its market reach, allowing brand owners of alcoholic beverages to sell directly to French consumers through their own webshops.

France is the 5th European market where Bemakers enables brands to sell direct to consumers (D2C), opening up for a potential market of almost 200 million end consumers. In the coming months, support for B2B sales will also be added, allowing brand owners to sell directly to French restaurants, bars, and businesses via Bemakers.

France is a mature market in terms of alcohol consumption. According to the Global Drug Survey 2021, French consumers drink about 2.5 times a week, topping the list of 22 countries surveyed. Despite the strong wine tradition, spirits and beer categories are also firmly established among French consumers, just as alcohol-free drinks are on the rise. France is one of the fastest growing markets in the global no and low-alcohol boom, with consumers less concerned with not drinking alcohol at all and more concerned with flexibility and the ability to switch between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Consumer behaviour makes France an interesting market for different categories of brands that are able to target sub-segments of the market and offer unique taste experiences for specific niches or target groups. It also makes France a perfect incubator for new products, tastes and methods, with the opportunity to use the gastronomic scene to develop the drinking experience - especially for brand owners looking for a strong food pairing profile for their products.

"The brand owners we work with are keen to expand their reach into France, especially the German and Danish producers. This applies to all product categories, but especially the rum and gin categories have great potential in the French market"
— Morten Stengaard, co-founder and CEO of Bemakers.

As in any other European market, there are country-specific considerations to be observed in France. This means, of course, that a brand owner who wants to activate their brand must ensure that everything from packaging to labeling and shipping documents to brand activation is compliant.

"A core element of the Bemakers offer is that we ensure that brand owners can export compliantly and according to the requirements of the French authorities,"
— Morten Stengaard, co-founder and CEO of Bemakers.

About Bemakers.
Bemakers is the trusted partner for ambitious alcohol brands, offering simplified distribution services to help brands unlock their potential and reach new international customers. The company's streamlined approach includes the  automated handling of EMCS, tax, customs, and shipping, enabling clients to focus on crafting and selling exceptional products. With expertise in the alcohol distribution industry, Bemakers helps brand owners navigate the complexities of international markets, ensuring that products are delivered safely, compliantly and efficiently to both B2B and B2C customers around the world. By partnering with Bemakers, alcohol brands can achieve global growth and expand their customer base while benefiting from a stress-free and seamless distribution experience.

Bemakers is already working with over 100 alcohol brands, acting as a leading partner for those looking to take their brand to the next level.

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