3 craft beverage content ideas for conquering Christmas

November 29, 2022

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Love it or hate it, the Christmas holidays are the time when moderation flies out the window and we enjoy the cold, dark evenings cozied up with our favorite beverage (or two). It's also a time for sharing, celebrating, and exchanging gifts with friends and family. This is the perfect opportunity for craft beverage brands to introduce their products to new customers.

Where to start when it comes to creating compelling content for your brand? As a gift, we have gathered 3 examples to inspire you and they don’t require a big brand budget to implement.

Spruce up your social media creative

Texas-based bourbon producers Garrison Brothers Distillery have truly embraced the holiday spirit in their latest Facebook ads. What’s great about their approach is that they showcase a range of their products and use simple, clever, witty copy to cut through to their core audience.

The copy of the ad focuses on the product being a unique gift that will be cherished by those who receive it. And the post copy above entices the audience with its description of the rich, smooth and bold flavors.

Coupled with the clear shop now CTA, Garrison Brothers have made it an easy choice for customers to add to their Christmas list.

Tip! Consider running themed sponsored Facebook/Instagram ads in the lead-up to the holiday season with a shop now CTA. Include any offers in the ad copy.

Pair your craft beverages with the Christmas table on Google

An excellent and easy way to get your craft beverages out there in the Christmas landscape is by creating a unique landing page on your website. This is exactly what Bolney Wine Estate has done - and they hit the head on the nail!

By creating a Christmas guide locally on their website, The Best Wine and Food Pairings for Christmas Day, Bolney Wine Estate accomplished introducing their sparkling wine, rosé, white wine, red wine, fortified wine, and gin, in an elegant, appealing, and traditional way.

If you master creating a similar Christmas guide with your own craft beverages, you will increase your chances to achieve more organic traffic in Google, presenting your craft beverage products, and adding valuable information for your customers - year after year.

Whether your craft beverage product is wine, beer, spirits, or something fourth, it can be paired with the versatile Christmas menu. The only thing you need is the knowledge about your craft beverages, great content, and a few enticing pictures!

Tip! A content piece like this can also be shared on social media.

Embrace the power of video

World-renowned beer brand Mikkeller scored a hat trick with their 2021 Christmas beer campaign. They managed to combine 3 strong elements of an effective Christmas campaign. First, they created a tailor-made product for the Christmas season. A gift box/advent calendar with 24 beers that can be opened every day in the run-up to Christmas. Gift sets are very popular at this time of year and not only bring in new customers but often increase the average order value of those customers.

Second, the Advent calendar was digitized with a series of YouTube videos in which each beer was unwrapped and explained by Loui from Mikkeller. Given that the average video consumption is 84 minutes per day, Mikkeller was wise to choose such an engaging format. In addition to the videos, social media content on Facebook and Instagram supported the anticipation of opening the Advent calendar each day.

Tip! Think about how you can use video to showcase your unique products and offers. You don’t need Speilberg-level skills, a simple unboxing video can create excitement for new and existing customers.

Make this Christmas a merry one!

Winning a share of the Christmas basket might feel like a challenge given the competitive nature of the space. But for craft brands with unique products and interesting stories, it’s possible to stand out among the crowd. Using digital marketing techniques such as the ones listed here can increase your chances of reaching the right audience and improving their holiday spirit…literally!

If you would like help to enhance your webshop for the Christmas season, please reach out to Louise, who can assist you.

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