Announcing the Bemakers D2C e-commerce storefront

February 1, 2022

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It is with great pleasure that we today announce our February 2022 Update, which brings more value-adding functionality to the BeMakers platform with the objective of delivering on our purpose of helping Makers distribute beverages directly to customers across borders.

In December 2021 we announced Market Access by Bemakers - the global platform for direct beverage distribution, opening up for direct distribution to the first market, Sweden. The initial focus was on distributing beverages directly to businesses (D2B), e.g. hotels, restaurants and bars, without involving a local importer and with excise duties, shipping and recycling fees being handled by Bemakers.

With the February 2022 update we are excited to announce the addition of the Bemakers D2C e-commerce storefront, giving each Maker a dedicated and branded international webshop with the ability to sell direct to consumers (D2C) across borders. In other words, consumers can now order directly from their favorite Makers, across borders, and have the products delivered directly from the Maker’s facility to their doorstep, while VAT, excise duties, shipping and administration are automatically handled and paid for. No hassle for neither the Maker nor the consumer. And 100% compliant.

For Makers this also means that they can have full control over the customer relationship and can build their brand and drive sales being less dependent on local partners with varying priorities. Never has it been easier for Makers to use direct marketing, like e-mail and SoMe, to build their brand and grow their business in new markets, instantly being able to convert consumer and business interest to sales.

In addition to launching the Bemakers D2C e-commerce storefront, the February 22 release also includes significant updates to the underlying platform, making it even easier for Makers to create new and manage existing customers, products and orders.