Bemakers brings a taste of the Nordics to the Netherlands, as it continues international expansion

September 27, 2022

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Copenhagen, Denmark - Bemakers, a Danish BevTech company, has expanded its market access solution for Danish and Swedish craft beverage makers to sell directly to Dutch consumers through their respective web stores. In the coming months, direct B2B sales to Dutch retail, restaurants, and bars (the 'Horeca' segment) will become available via the Bemakers platform.

The Netherlands is a very progressive market for craft beverages, driven by curiosity and interest in trying brands with a unique history and locality. Consumers are also attracted to products that have distinctive flavors, production methods, packaging and design.

Developed consumer attitudes were a positive indicator of market potential and readiness, which contributed to the decision to take steps into the Dutch market. Added to this is the feedback from Bemakers' craft makers themselves. "Bemakers is made by makers for makers, and constant interaction and feedback from our customers and industry partners is an essential part of our DNA," says Morten Stengaard, CEO and co-founder of Bemakers.

The first few craft beverage makers are already online with their respective Dutch webshops, including Andersen Winery and Volsted Distillery. Both craft beverage producers have already used Bemakers to sell directly to consumers in Sweden and Germany, and are now adding the Netherlands as a third country to their international Direct-2-Consumer (D2C) efforts. According to Thorbjørn Kaagaard, founder and CEO of Volsted Distillery, using the Bemakers platform has made it very easy to enter these new countries, and he has already seen sales in the first few days after going live.

"I love that we can make a quick business decision, respond to a market's demand, and then have our own presence in that market in no time. And the best part is that I have full control over the experience and the Volsted brand."

CEO and co-founder Morten Steengard added, "We are excited to take the first steps toward direct distribution in the Netherlands, and are eager to see how a craft beverage-focused market like the Netherlands will embrace the first batch of Nordic Makers."

About Bemakers.
Bemakers is a BevTech platform for direct beverage distribution giving craft makers simplified access to international businesses and consumers. Bemakers streamline the administrative export process by automating EMCS completions, shipping, and logistics, enabling craft makers to open and grow local e-commerce stores for D2C and B2B sales in multiple markets. Bemakers already partners with more than 30 beverage brands and continuously expands into new countries. View the current list of countries here.

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