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Bemakers expands into the On & Off Trade segment with new trade distribution platform

February 7, 2024

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[Copenhagen] - Bemakers, the trusted partner for ambitious alcohol brands, proudly announces the launch of Bemakers Trade, the B2B distribution platform, where brand owners can list and market their products to European On & Off trade customers.  “Bemakers has over the last few years built a distribution infrastructure and service that enables brands to go direct to market across European countries, through one partner, while keeping full control of brand, pricing, and customer data. We are now further extending our distribution capabilities by creating a ‘community’ where brands and On & Off trade buyers can connect,” says Morten R. Stengaard, Co-founder & CEO of Bemakers.    

On the supply-side, Bemakers is providing brands with an avenue to pursue new potential customers. On the demand-side Bemakers is providing a platform where they can access the most extraordinary and cutting-edge beverage brands from all over the world, and they can explore and buy on their terms. “Bemakers Trade does not lock down the On & Off Trade customers, they can have multiple suppliers if that is what works for their business, as we believe they should have the flexibility to pursue what is right for their menu and their customers. We are here to provide reliable service, inspiring and available range, fast delivery, and the best customer experience across our online platform and our personal service,” says Morten Stengaard.

Bemakers is on a mission to make it as simple as possible for brand owners to obtain ‘reach’ in an easy and effective way in new markets through a mix of established and new sales channels. Adding Bemakers Trade as a new B2B sales channel where brands can list their products complements the existing range of listing possibilities through Bemakers, which includes the Nordic monopolies and Amazon. “Continuously expanding the sales channels, or listings as we call them, is a key focus for Bemakers. It is about meeting customers where they are. Even though the ideal case for brands could be to attract customers to their owned platforms, it is not always the best customer experience. So be available, be relevant and from there build the relations with your customers,” says Morten Stengaard.

In addition to making the B2B distribution platform available, Bemakers also actively invests in building awareness and position towards the On & Off trade of Bemakers Trade, driving marketing initiatives and campaigns across the available range and categories. “Our platform works because there is close collaboration and commitment from the individual brand owners and Bemakers, it’s a partnership with clear roles and responsibilities. We are building awareness of the platform and the range, nurturing a base of potential customers for the brands to access. The brands on the other hand actively invest in building their own brand, being able to own the direct customer dialogue and their brand perception. We are in this together with brands to build demand and provide the best possible customer experience", says Morten Stengaard.  

Bemakers Trade is currently live in Denmark and Sweden, and further expansion is planned, with Germany opening end Q1 2024. The Nordic region has been the initial focus to provide brands with a spearhead into a trade segment that is similar and where operational efficiency can be obtained. Any brand working with Bemakers has access to list their products on Bemakers Trade.  

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Bemakers is the trusted partner for ambitious alcohol brands seeking global expansion. The company simplifies distribution by automating complex excise duties, tax, customs, and shipping procedures, allowing clients to focus on crafting and marketing exceptional products. With a growing roster of over 150 alcohol brands, Bemakers is the preferred choice for stress-free international distribution.

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