Bemakers launches distributor sales, becoming the gateway for alcohol brands expanding into the EU

March 30, 2023

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Copenhagen, Denmark - Bemakers, the trusted distribution partner for ambitious alcohol brands, has just launched its 'Distributor Sales' offer, allowing alcohol brands from overseas and Europe to sell to distributors in 27 EU markets. Bemakers now provides a one-stop solution to sell directly to trade, retail and end consumers across the EU.

“With the launch of 'Distributor Sales', we have come full circle in terms of channels enabled from a central platform. It makes cross-border alcohol sales easy, compliant and standardized."
— Morten Stengaard, co-founder and CEO of Bemakers.

At its core, Bemakers removes the administrative and manual processes associated with alcohol exports by automatically handling excise duties, VAT, recycling fees, shipping and payments (reminders) in EU markets. This automation of the export back office is now also applied to distributor orders placed through the Bemakers platform. This reduces the time spent on each order by automatically creating excise documents (electronic administrative documents, EADs) in EMCS, handling shipping and sending payment reminders to the distributor customers.

By using the Bemakers network of bonded warehouses, alcohol brands are now able to ship large volumes under suspension to a central EU Bemakers hub  and sell their products cross-border from there. With an EU base, foreign brands can respond faster to incoming business requests from distributors and fulfill their b2b/b2c orders in closer proximity to the market.

One of the brands that recently chose to partner with Bemakers to enable their entry into the EU is the Welsh spirits brand In the Welsh Wind: "Working with Bemakers is perfect as it allows us to easily supply our product range to customers in key European markets and gives us access to markets on the continent," says Dan Jones, Export Manager (Read full article in The Spirits Business).

In The Welsh Wind already has a strong, established presence in the UK, but expanding its presence and selling cross-channel in EU markets would have taken time, money and incurred mistakes had Bemakers not been involved.

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About Bemakers.
Bemakers is the trusted partner for ambitious alcohol brands, providing simplified distribution services that help brands unlock their potential and reach new international customers. The company's streamlined approach includes automated handling of EMCS, taxes, customs and shipping, so customers can focus on making and selling exceptional products.

With expertise in the alcohol distribution industry, Bemakers helps brand owners navigate the complexities of international markets, ensuring products are delivered safely, compliantly and efficiently to B2B and B2C customers around the world. By partnering with Bemakers, alcohol brands can achieve global growth and expand their customer base while benefiting from a stress-free and seamless distribution experience.

Bemakers is already working with over 100 alcohol brands, acting as a leading partner for those looking to take their brand to the next level.

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