Bemakers now connects craft makers with more than 100 million European customers via the market access solution

April 4, 2022

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Today we proudly announce the April 2022 update to our Market Access solution and with this the ability for craft makers to distribute directly to customers in Denmark, Germany and Sweden via the Bemakers direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce storefront and platform. With this new market expansion BeMakers now allows makers to distribute their craft beverages directly to three key European beverage markets, potentially reaching more than 100 million customers.

Bemakers is on a mission to help craft makers of alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine and spirits, sell and distribute directly to businesses and consumers across borders by handling excise duties, recycling fees, VAT, customs and shipping.

“In the last decade alone tens of thousands of craft makers have started producing beverages such as beers and spirits but little has changed within the distribution system, which still predominantly consists of local importers in each country. We therefore saw a need for developing a much more flexible direct beverage distribution platform that allows craft makers to sign up and instantly start selling to consumers and businesses in multiple countries,”
- Kasper Hulthin, Chairman and co-founder of Bemakers

Bemakers’ objective for 2022 is to be active in 8-10 European countries, thereby allowing craft makers to reach more than 250 million customers. The team is partnering with craft makers and establishing distribution to both businesses and consumers with an immediate focus on entering Netherlands, UK, Belgium and France next. In 2023 the expansion in Europe will continue, while gradually opening up distribution to additional markets in Asia and the United States.

“Entering new markets and finding the right partners to work with is often challenging for craft makers that don’t have big budgets and a well-known brand to start with. It is like the chicken and the egg: To be able to partner with great local distributors you need to have some traction and to be already selling some bottles, but to sell some bottles you first need a local distributor to help with excise duties, local VAT, distribution, etc. With Bemakers our ambition is to empower craft makers to enter multiple new markets without having to first worry about finding local distributors to work with – we take the hassle out of entering new markets,” says CEO and co-founder Morten Stengaard.

Several ambitious and innovative craft makers are already using the Bemakers platform to connect with and sell directly to businesses and consumers across borders, allowing them to build direct relationships with their customers while staying in control of their brand, products and pricing.

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