Bemakers secures supplier status with Sweden’s Systembolaget to simplify alcohol distribution.

August 27, 2023

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Copenhagen, Denmark - Bemakers, the trusted distribution partner for ambitious beverage alcohol brands, is proud to announce its status as a supplier to Systembolaget, Sweden’s state-owned liquor retail monopoly.

By becoming a supplier to Systembolaget, Bemakers has established itself as a major player in the Nordic alcohol distribution industry. This allows Bemakers to assist international brands in entering and navigating Sweden's exclusive retail monopoly, offering a valuable additional sales channel for their international sales strategies. Bemakers has already listed some products in Systembolaget, and orders are starting to come in.

Systembolaget is a non-profit, state-owned company with exclusive rights to retail alcoholic beverages in Sweden. Driven by public health considerations the monopoly controls all sales of beverages with an alcohol content higher than 3.5 per cent, making it an essential distribution channel for any alcohol brand aiming to penetrate the Swedish market. With its large scale, Systembolaget is one of the biggest buyers of alcohol in the world.

Morten Stengaard, Co-founder and CEO of Bemakers emphasizes that Systembolaget is a critical avenue for brand-building in Sweden:

"Being listed with Systembolaget not only enhances your brand perception but is a staple in the Swedish consumer culture," he said.

For brands looking to navigate the Nordics, Bemakers is a one-stop brand partner, handling everything from scouting relevant tenders to managing the application process and supplying products. Brands can list their products on Systembolaget via Bemakers’ all-inclusive platform, eliminating the complexities of tender processes, supply chain, and returns management.

Morten emphasized the positive collaboration saying:

"Systembolaget is an exceptional customer. Their professionalism, process efficiency, and customer dialogue are commendable. Being a supplier to Systembolaget aligns with our goal of simplifying and ensuring compliant alcohol distribution in the Nordics, especially in markets where monopolies govern private consumption.”

Bemakers is also in the process of becoming a supplier for Norway's Vinmonopolet and Finland's Alko. The goal is to be the singular partner that brands can rely on to enter all the Nordic markets.

“Partnering with Bemakers has been a game-changer for Andersen Winery. Before, the thought of navigating Sweden's unique retail monopoly was daunting. But Bemakers made it seamless for us to enter, handling the process from A-Z so we can focus on building our brand and the customer experience. We already have a steady flow of weekly incoming orders from Systembolaget”
— Mads Andersen, CEO and co-founder of Andersen Winery.

About Bemakers.
Bemakers is the trusted partner for ambitious alcohol brands seeking global expansion. The company simplifies distribution by automating complex excise duties, tax, customs, and shipping procedures, allowing clients to focus on crafting and marketing exceptional products. With a growing roster of over 150 alcohol brands, Bemakers is the preferred choice for stress-free international distribution. For more information on Bemakers, follow our journey on Linkedin.