Bemakers unveils game-changing B2B direct sales solution for alcohol brands exporting to Norway

April 27, 2023

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Copenhagen, Denmark - Bemakers, the trusted distribution partner for ambitious alcohol brands, has once again expanded its market reach, enabling alcoholic beverage brand owners to sell directly to the Norwegian B2B segment, including businesses, hotels and restaurants.

Norway is the fourth European market where Bemakers enables direct B2B sales and the last of the three Scandinavian countries to be added to Bemakers' list of active markets.

“Rapid and continuous expansion into new markets is a top priority so that our customers can rely on us as a central partner for all their cross-European alcohol exports and B2B and B2C sales"
— Morten Stengaard, co-founder and CEO of Bemakers.

In the coming months, Bemakers will also register as a supplier for the Norwegian monopoly (Vinmonopolet), helping brands sell to Norwegian end consumers.

Entering the Norwegian market can be challenging because (1) Norway is a non-EU country and therefore has a different procedure for importing alcohol, which increases the administrative burden (and costs), and (2) the high excise duties, taxes and logistics costs eat into the profit margin. Bemakers is changing this with its Norwegian B2B offer.

"We take care of everything related to excise, customs, taxes and shipping, and the brand owner can focus 100% on building their brand and relationships with their Norwegian customers," says Morten Stengaard.

For Nordic alcohol brands that want to gain a foothold in Norway or are already active there through an importer, the new Norway B2B offer is exciting, as it's now possible to ship directly from their own production facility. "This means that the costs of local storage, which often make up a large part of the profit margin, are eliminated. Suddenly it becomes much more profitable to sell to Norwegian customers, especially if you sell wine or beer and ship pallets. We're really optimizing the value chain here," says Morten Stengaard.

Many of Bemakers' existing customers welcome the addition of Norwegian B2B, providing them with a new revenue stream.

"Norway is a key market as it's in close proximity both geographically and in terms of taste and trends. However, until now we have been dependent on an importer and their market development efforts.

With the opening of Norway through Bemakers, we're now able to have a dialogue directly with our B2B customers, listen to their wishes and needs and fulfill them from our production facility here in Sweden. For us, this model makes it a lot more flexible and profitable,"
— Philip Hafstad, Founder & CEO of
Svartbergets Fjällbryggeri

About Bemakers.
Bemakers is the trusted partner for ambitious alcohol brands, offering simplified distribution services to unlock potential and reach new international customers. The company's streamlined approach includes automated handling of EMCS, taxes, customs and shipping so customers can focus on crafting and selling exceptional products. With expertise in the alcohol distribution industry, Bemakers helps brand owners navigate the complexities of international markets and ensures products are delivered safely, compliantly and efficiently to B2B and B2C customers worldwide. By partnering with Bemakers, alcohol brands can achieve global growth and expand their customer base while benefiting from a stress-free and seamless distribution experience.

Bemakers is already working with over 100 alcohol brands, acting as a leading partner for those looking to take their brand to the next level.

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