Redefining Dutch Alcohol Sales: Bemakers debuts B2B e-commerce for brands.

October 6, 2023

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[Copenhagen] — Bemakers, the trusted distribution partner for ambitious alcohol beverage brands, announced today that it is expanding its services to include business-to-business (B2B) sales in the Netherlands. Building on its existing direct-to-consumer (D2C) operations in the country, this new offering will provide a comprehensive solution for beverage brands looking to navigate the Dutch market effectively. Additionally, Bemakers has introduced a B2B Shop feature, streamlining the wholesale buying experience for business customers.

“By unlocking the B2B market in the Netherlands, we're not just extending our reach— we're providing a launchpad for our brand partners to scale effortlessly, tap into new revenue streams, and make meaningful connections with Dutch customers," said Morten Stengaard, co-founder and CEO of Bemakers.

According to Statista, the alcoholic drinks market in the Netherlands has experienced steady growth, especially in premium and craft beverages. Dutch consumers are increasingly drawn to high-quality, unique drinks, making this an optimal environment for innovative brands. The Netherlands' high population density further amplifies the market's potential reach.

With the new B2B Shop functionality, the B2B experience is further elevated, providing brands with a dedicated user interface for their business customers, and offering a self-service platform for convenient wholesale buying. "This feature enables direct sales and offers a convenient, self-service portal for customers who prefer an automated approach to purchasing. Of course, traditional methods like phone and email ordering remain available,” said Morten Stengaard.

Among the brands taking advantage of this new avenue is ūmmi, an emerging hard kombucha brand. "The Netherlands represents an untapped market for us. Its rising interest in craft beverages and the trend towards healthier, low-alcohol options makes it an ideal fit for our products," said Chris Hotell, co-founder of ūmmi kombucha.

He continued explaining, “The Netherlands has always been a big market opportunity for us, but as a brand building an entirely new hard kombucha category, it’s challenging to get distributors to take a chance with us. Bemakers opening up B2B in the Netherlands gives us the needed platform to bypass the traditional model so we can finally get ūmmi in the hands of our customers there and further our mission of bringing better-for-you alcohol options to Northern Europe.”

Bemakers remains committed to its expansion strategy across Europe, with upcoming entries into Finland, Spain, and Switzerland. Discover the full list of markets Bemakers serves here.

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