Today we are proud to announce market access by Bemakers - The global platform for direct beverage distribution

December 1, 2021

Join Bemakers and move your craft brand in the right direction.

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Today we are proud to announce Market Access by Bemakers - the global platform for direct beverage distribution. Bemakers is on a mission to help makers of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine and spirits) sell directly to businesses and consumers across borders by handling excise duties, VAT, customs and shipping.

The days will soon be over where makers needed to first partner with an importer or distributor in local markets before selling a single bottle of beer, wine or spirits. In the future makers can sign up to Market Access by Bemakers and immediately start selling and distributing their products to customers in multiple markets. Bemakers enables makers to move fast and stay in control!

We are excited to already be partnering with some of the finest and most visionary Danish craft makers in the industry, and we will gradually onboard more makers during the coming months as we open up to new markets.

A big shout out also to our ambitious angel investors from the industry for believing in our team and for being part of this exciting journey.