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Aug 3, 2023 | Read article in German
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COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Bemakers, the trusted distribution partner for ambitious beverage alcohol brands is expanding its coverage to Austria, opening up another market where brands can sell their products directly to consumers through their own webshop.

The launch in Austria marks the seventh European market where Bemakers operates and adds another key market in the DACH region to the list of supported countries.

"Continuously expanding into new markets is a pivotal strategy for Bemakers. Austria is the 3rd new market we enter in 2023, following France and Norway, and we now enable the brand owners we work with to reach more than 200 million consumers across Europe"
— Morten Stengaard, co-founder and CEO of Bemakers

Austria boasts a vibrant food and beverage scene, making it an attractive market for brand owners to explore. Further, brands targeting Germany or native German brands now have an overnight increase in market reach, as many sales initiatives intended for the German market can easily be scaled to Austria.

"This expansion is particularly exciting as it answers a key request from our many German brand partners, viewing Austria as an extension of their home market and a market they can easily approach. This is another step towards our goal of supporting distribution to the entire DACH region and ultimately all of Europe"
— Morten Stengaard, co-founder and CEO of Bemakers

With Bemakers, brand owners can control their global expansion, brand, pricing, and customer relationships, all through one convenient platform and distribution partner. By leveraging Bemakers' Shopify integration, brands can extend their existing webshops or opt to build a dedicated storefront with Bemakers. This enables brands to establish a cross-border ecommerce presence and sell their products directly to consumers in Austria.

One of the German brands working with Bemakers, Mayaciel Spirits GmbH is welcoming the news:

"Austria may be a smaller market, but it is extremely valuable to us. It's a market with similar tastes and traditions that we've longed to tap into. For years we've received requests from Austrian consumers we couldn't fulfill - now with Bemakers enabling D2C in Austria, this is finally possible. Going directly to the Austrian market to sell our products makes perfect business sense, especially considering its similarities with Germany. The direct model offered by Bemakers is truly a game-changer for us"
— Jonas Schenke, CEO of Mayaciel Spirits GmbH

About Bemakers.
Bemakers is the trusted partner for ambitious alcohol brands, offering simplified distribution services to help brands unlock their potential and reach new international customers. The company's streamlined approach includes the automated handling of EMCS, tax, customs, and shipping, enabling clients to focus on crafting and selling exceptional products. With expertise in the alcohol distribution industry, Bemakers helps brand owners navigate the complexities of international markets, ensuring that products are delivered safely, compliantly and efficiently to both B2B and B2C customers worldwide.

By partnering with Bemakers, alcohol brands can achieve global growth and expand their customer base while benefiting from a stress-free distribution experience.

Bemakers is already working with over 150 alcohol brands, acting as a leading partner for those looking to take their brand to the next level.

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